Steering Committee

Steering Committee 2017/2018

Responsibilities of the Steering Committee:

  • Set direction for the Initiative
  • Set the agenda for the Initiative and identify financing for tactical maneuvers
  • Schedule and plan the forums
  • Coordinate communications with and between the working groups and external organizations
  • Maintain liaison relationships with organizations such as IFLA, ASCLA ICAN,
  • Track and report on the Initiative’s accomplishments Committees & Task Forces
  • Track the work of the committees
  • Regularly evaluate the charge of the committees/task forces in light of the Initiative’s charter
  • Provide annual reports on activities, including goals and tasks planned and accomplished.
  • Establish new committees/task forces as need for them is identified
  • Inform Sponsoring organizations of the Initiative’s key activities


  • Chair (1 year term)
  • Past Chair
  • Chair-Elect
  • At Large member
  • At Large member
  • At Large member
  • At large member (international)

Ex officio members

  • Policies Committee, Chair (RUSA STARS Policies Committee, Chair)
  • Standards and Interoperability Liaison
  • RUSA STARS Chair or their designee
  • Sponsoring Institution Representatives

The Steering Committee has seven base members. The rest of the Committee is made up of ex officio members to represent different types of libraries as well as liaisons from each committee, sponsoring organization and/or task force. Ex officio members are invited to attend Steering Committee meetings, receive minutes and may be included in agenda business, however, their attendance is not mandatory and the meetings will be scheduled to accommodate the primary membership. The Steering Committee Chair-Elect is elected by the Steering Committee and will serve one year as chair-elect, one year as chair, and one year as past-chair. Members of the Steering Committee are appointed for a three-year term with the possibility of being reappointed for a second term. Appointment as an At-Large member is open to anyone in the RRS community (comprised of RRS general listserv subscribers). At-Large representatives are eligible to be reappointed to a second term.

Rethinking Resource Sharing Steering Committee – Base Members

Co-Chairs Margaret Ellingson
Head of ILL & Course Reserves
Woodruff Main & Health Sciences Libraries
Emory University

Lars Leon
Resource Sharing Librarian
University of Kansas Libraries

Past Chair Sue Kaler
Interlibrary Loan Manager
Massachusetts Library System
At-Large Member  CJ de Jong
Access Services Coordinator, Librarian
University of Alberta Libraries
At-Large Member Ryan Litsey
Associate Librarian, Document Delivery/Interlibrary Loan
Texas Tech University Libraries
At-Large Member
At-Large Member (international) Poul Erlandsen
Head of Department, The Royal Library – CULIS
The Royal Library, Copenhagen

Rethinking Resource Sharing Steering Committee – Ex Officio Members

+RUSA STARS Rethinking Resource Sharing Policies Committee

Chair LeEtta Schmidt
Copyright and Intellectual Property Librarian
University of South Florida

+Standards and Interoperability Liaison & Chair of the RRS Innovation Award Committee

Liaison/Chair Margaret Ellingson
Head of ILL & Course Reserves
Woodruff Main & Health Sciences Libraries
Emory University

+Liaisons from partner organizations, etc.

CDL Representative Sherry Willhite
Request Project Manager, CDL Bibliographic Services
California Digital Library
IFLA Forum Liaison Anne Beaubien
Director, MLibrary Document Delivery and Grants Officer
University of Michigan Library
IFLA DDRS Standing Committee Representative Robert Krall
Director, Departmental Libraries, Resource Sharing and Delivery Services
University of Pennsylvania Libraries
OCLC Representative Katie Birch
Portfolio Director, Delivery Services
Relais International Representative Clare MacKeigan
Chief Operating Officer
Relais International
Tampa Bay Library Consortium Representative Beth Farmer
Assistant Director
Tampa Bay Library Consortium

+Rethinking Resource Sharing Past Chairs

Seangill (Peter) Bae
Circulation Services Director
Princeton University Library

Evan Simpson
Associate Dean for Research and Learning
Northeastern University

Mary Lehane
Interlibrary Loan Supervisor (retired)
York University
Beth Posner
Head of Interlibrary Loan
Mina Rees Library, CUNY Graduate Center
Gina Persichini
Networking Consultant
Idaho Commission for Libraries
Poul Erlandsen
Det Kongelige Bibliotek/The Royal Library, Denmark
Anne Beaubien
Director, MLibrary Document Delivery and Grants Officer
University of Michigan Library
Brenda Bailey-Hainer
Executive Director
American Theological Library Association