Visioning the Future

The Rethinking Resource Sharing Initiative has been inspired by our original manifesto which is almost ten years old. Time for an update! Ideas specific to the manifesto can be submitted here  

2017 OCLC Resource Sharing Conference Plenary Session Ideas Shared
Please see a great list of action ideas contributed by over 200 people who participated in the discussion. We asked: Who are we serving? What sources of information are our customers looking for? What is it, where is it, how do we get it? How do consortiums/groups impact ILL now and how might they in the future? How do licenses and copyright laws impede your ability to share needed information? How do we maximize legal sharing in this climate? For each of these themed questions, small groups discussed: What are you going to do? What should/will your library do? What should/will the ILL community do? Read your colleagues’ ideas via the link above and consider adding your comments below.

To help us with the manifesto and to help the community Vision the Future please share your ideas and/or comment on someone else’s below.

Let’s do some collective, “vendor neutral”, positive visioning of the future of resource sharing. What should resource sharing look like, both in the immediate and more distant future?

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