Future of ILL Ideas (Walled Gardens?)

Are we headed towards ILL Walled Gardens? As new systems become options, will they provide greater functionality within their system but not interoperate with others? What else impacts our ability to share? At the same time, what are the really cool things going on that helps us effectively share? See the following list of facilitated conversations led by Lars Leon and Tom Bruno for notes (and consider adding your own at the end of this page).

  1. RRSI sponsored virtual conversations summer of 2021 ~ Ideas from attendees (around 170 at each session) See https://rethinkingresourcesharing.org/rrsi-april-future-ill-virtual-conversations/

2. Greater Western Library Alliance Resource Sharing Collection Development Joint virtual meeting.

3. 2021 Northwest Resource Sharing Conference. See https://rethinkingresourcesharing.org/nw-ill-rs-conference-sept-2021-ill-virtual-conversations/

Add your ideas below and/or contact us if your group is interested in a discussion.

Lars Leon, University of Kansas, lleon@ku.edu & Tom Bruno, University of Pennsylvania, tombruno@upenn.edu

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