Past Innovation Award Winners

2018 winner: IDS Project for IDS Logic and The Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries for Automating Archival Res Sharing within Wisc. Area Res. Ctr. Netwk. See

2017 winner:  VIVA for its Whole ebook ILL rights

2016 winner: IDS Project for its Online Learning Institute

2015 winner:
Texas Tech University, the University of Hawaii at Manoa and the Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA) for Occam’s Reader

2014 winner: The Alberta Library for TAL Online

2013 winner: IDS Project for its Regional User Groups

2012 winner: Committee for Institutional Cooperation (CIC) libraries’ UBorrow system.

2011 winner: Samaritan Health Services “Access for All” project.

2010 winners:



2009 winners:

The Orlando Memory project


Kentucky Libraries Unbound

2008 winners:

Information Delivery Services Project (IDS Project) (read the proposal)

NC LIVE Media Collection