New STAR Libraries

Kansas City Public Library and Broward County Public Library are the latest additions to our growing number of STARS…congratulations to them on their ILL services and practices!

Broward County Public Library also has an innovative idea to share:

A survey of lending practices in Florida libraries who utilize the in-state courier system is currently being conducted. The purpose is to pinpoint ALL Lending policies in order to build or improve Custom Holdings based upon a variety of factors, such as the capability to lend newly-published items or specified audiovisual materials. The OCLC Policies Directory is intended to provide just such information; however, it does not always serve as the perfect platform to reflect all lending, copying, and deflection policies. The “secret” purpose of the survey is to encourage libraries who may not be cognizant of certain features to investigate them! For example, by asking if an institution participates in OCLC’s Knowledge Base, curiosity about the KB may be generated. By including questions about Deflection the hope is that more librarians will set them up. Finally, by querying participants about DVD & CD lending, non-AV lenders might begin to rethink those negative policies. The survey results will be shared with all participants because, as Amy Miller writes, “I think that sharing information can be just as valuable as sharing resources!”