STAR Library innovations

Welcome to the newest STAR libraries!

Babson College

Bemidji State University Library

The College of New Jersey

Dalhousie University Libraries

Fondulac Public Library District

Hesston Public Library

Holy Names University … “Besides some new marketing materials and me having reference desk hours, ILL is going well at HNU since being hired as the first dedicated resource sharing specialist. We recently inserted a request form for our users when Serial Solutions doesn’t retrieve full text from any other databases. This has really improved borrowing non-returnables — we’ve already exceeded last years non-returnable borrowing requests. In terms of lending, we’ve seen a huge increase because of the uptick in cataloged items, review of deflections in policies directory, and creation of ILL licensing spreadsheet. We also already have higher number for this year than last years.”

Illinois State University/Milner Library

Ohio University University Libraries: “We correct copy citations when possible and relay the info back to the requesting library via a conditional if we do not own what is wanted, or we write the correct citation on the scanned pull slip if we can fill. We always conditional before turning a copy request into a loan request (now required by U.S. ILL Code). We have established scanning standards for appearance, completeness, and timeliness when filling copy requests from all of our library locations. We use the Web Alerts functionality in ILLiad to rotate various ILL tips, tricks, and explanations to our local users. We’ve expanded the window in which our users can request renewals for loans and also allow multiple renewal requests (unless prohibited by lender). We provide email updates to local patrons for any request taking longer than a month to fill due to difficulty finding a lender, non-response from lenders, extensive time needed to digitize or ship, etc.”

Philadelphia Museum of Art Library 

State Library of Massachusetts

University of Maryland Eastern Shore Frederick Douglass Library

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill / University Library