Two More STARS

We congratulate and welcome Atlanta University Center, Robert W. Woodruff Library and Central CT State University, Burritt Library as the latest STAR libraries…please tell your ILL partners to keep those checklists coming in!

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STAR Libraries of the Week

We welcome the following new STARS to our growing list of libraries with staff who are rethinking library resource sharing and offering excellent ILL services to their communities:

Berkshire Athenaeum-Pittsfield

Rivier University/Regina Library

The University of Connecticut

University of Texas at Austin

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STAR Library innovations

Welcome to the newest STAR libraries!

Babson College

Bemidji State University Library

The College of New Jersey

Dalhousie University Libraries

Fondulac Public Library District

Hesston Public Library

Holy Names University … “Besides some new marketing materials and me having reference desk hours, ILL is going well at HNU since being hired as the first dedicated resource sharing specialist. We recently inserted a request form for our users when Serial Solutions doesn’t retrieve full text from any other databases. This has really improved borrowing non-returnables — we’ve already exceeded last years non-returnable borrowing requests. In terms of lending, we’ve seen a huge increase because of the uptick in cataloged items, review of deflections in policies directory, and creation of ILL licensing spreadsheet. We also already have higher number for this year than last years.”

Illinois State University/Milner Library

Ohio University University Libraries: “We correct copy citations when possible and relay the info back to the requesting library via a conditional if we do not own what is wanted, or we write the correct citation on the scanned pull slip if we can fill. We always conditional before turning a copy request into a loan request (now required by U.S. ILL Code). We have established scanning standards for appearance, completeness, and timeliness when filling copy requests from all of our library locations. We use the Web Alerts functionality in ILLiad to rotate various ILL tips, tricks, and explanations to our local users. We’ve expanded the window in which our users can request renewals for loans and also allow multiple renewal requests (unless prohibited by lender). We provide email updates to local patrons for any request taking longer than a month to fill due to difficulty finding a lender, non-response from lenders, extensive time needed to digitize or ship, etc.”

Philadelphia Museum of Art Library 

State Library of Massachusetts

University of Maryland Eastern Shore Frederick Douglass Library

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill / University Library

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Our list of STAR Libraries Keeps Growing

After an announcement about the STAR Checklist on ILL-L, we’re happy to announce the addition of more and more STARS!

Armstrong State University/Lane Library

Florida Gulf Coast University Library
We send emails or call if it is necessary.

Greene County Public Library
GRC began cataloging via Skyriver in 2013. As our collection is constantly weeded and updated, many of our new holdings are not discoverable via worldcat.

Greensboro College

Portland Public Library

SUNY New Paltz / Sojourner Truth Library

University of West Georgia/Ingram Library

Valdosta State University/Odum Library:
We initiated a campus document delivery service for faculty and staff some years ago when we got ILLIAD, but recently started pulling books and bound journals found in our collection on requests submitted by any students and checked out the books and put them on hold and scanned the articles and sent them through document delivery via ILLIAD. That way we ensured the students got them, whereas we weren’t always sure that was the case when we merely cancelled the requests and told them where to find them.

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STARS of the Week

This week we welcome two more libraries as STARS…one from Canada and one from the US…congratulations to both!

Brandon University, John E. Robbins Library

The Graduate Center, CUNY

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Two More STAR Libraries

We congratulate and welcome two more STAR libraries this week:

Amherst College

Western University

Steven Heim, of Amherst College, Frost Library, also shares this innovative practice: “The college does support ILL staff attending conferences, where we can get the word out that we are a free lender, and willing to work with libraries wishing to borrow from our regular collection and Special Collections.”

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More STARs

Two more libraries have joined our list of STARS, meaning that they are actively rethinking and pursuing best practices in interlibrary loan services:

University of Saskatchewan Library

Vancouver Island University Library

They also have some innovative practices to share:

Christine Drever, at University of Saskatchewan Library, writes, “We have removed lending fees for Canadian Federal government libraries and research agencies for both physical loans and document delivery. This has resulted in an increase in ILL lending traffic with these libraries, which is a good thing!”


Jean Blackburn at Vancouver Island University Library says, “We offer free home mail delivery of print ILL materials to any student or employee, regardless of “distance ed” status. We also allow ILL requests for print copies of books for which we have electronic copies available – it’s mostly faculty wanting to do close readings of texts that use this services.”

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More STAR Libraries

Four more libraries have become STARs…congratulations to them all!

Brooklyn College Library, CUNY

Kansas State University-K-State Libraries

Thompson Rivers University

University of Toronto Mississauga Library

Take a look at the STAR checklist today…submit a copy to add your library to the list of libraries engaged in best practices in interlibrary loan services…and to start discussions in your library about rethinking library resource sharing to become even better!

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Call for Nominations: 2016 Innovation Award

The Rethinking Resource Sharing (RRS) Innovation Award recognizes and honors an individual or institution for changes they have made to improve users’ access to information through resource sharing in their library, consortium, state, province or country. The purpose of the award is to showcase innovation in resource sharing and to encourage other librarians and libraries to make changes in their resource sharing operations to improve service to users. RRS looks for efforts in which people have taken the initiative to address a need on their own rather than waiting for others to provide solutions for resource sharing challenges.

The Rethinking Resource Sharing Innovation Award consists of a cash award and a citation honoring the winning nominee. We are currently finalizing funding for the 2016 cash award and expect to announce the sponsor(s) and amount(s) in the near future.

For more information about the award and application/nomination process, please go to the Innovation Award web page.

The deadline for applications is April 15, 2016.  Send nominations and/or questions to Margaret Ellingson, chair of the Rethinking Resource Sharing Innovation Award Committee at

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New STAR Libraries

Kansas City Public Library and Broward County Public Library are the latest additions to our growing number of STARS…congratulations to them on their ILL services and practices!

Broward County Public Library also has an innovative idea to share:

A survey of lending practices in Florida libraries who utilize the in-state courier system is currently being conducted. The purpose is to pinpoint ALL Lending policies in order to build or improve Custom Holdings based upon a variety of factors, such as the capability to lend newly-published items or specified audiovisual materials. The OCLC Policies Directory is intended to provide just such information; however, it does not always serve as the perfect platform to reflect all lending, copying, and deflection policies. The “secret” purpose of the survey is to encourage libraries who may not be cognizant of certain features to investigate them! For example, by asking if an institution participates in OCLC’s Knowledge Base, curiosity about the KB may be generated. By including questions about Deflection the hope is that more librarians will set them up. Finally, by querying participants about DVD & CD lending, non-AV lenders might begin to rethink those negative policies. The survey results will be shared with all participants because, as Amy Miller writes, “I think that sharing information can be just as valuable as sharing resources!”

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